Everyday brings a new opportunity to start fresh. Why do we always wait to plan a new goal around the new year or even when our birthdays come around? Today is the perfect day to start! Start a new project, set a new goal, try a new recipe or two, buy that gym membership (and use it), or book a plane ticket for a new adventure! No matter what you are after, start today. Putting things off due to made up fallacies will get you exactly where you are right now; wondering what life would be like if you just started out what you wanted to do yesterday. This is life today. Start today where you are. Start with fear and pain; with courage and happiness. Start with hands shaking and voice trembling; with grounded feet and a beating heart.  I'm not saying that I have all the answers, but i do promise to give the best advice I can. I want to welcome each and everyone of you, where ever you may be, to my blog. This is me, my thoughts and opinions. My hobbies and my passions. My triumphs and my tribulations. This is life one day at a time because really, that's all we have. This is my start.